Eating when healing?

715am – Breakfast:

Much-needed breakfast

Much-needed breakfast

Cheese and salad sandwiches – 5 squares – large portion

Cup of coffee with honey and double cream

Satiety Level: Full


Lunch: skipped


6pm – Dinner:

I ate about half of what I would have scoffed in the recent past!

I ate about half of what I would have scoffed in the recent past!


Thai Roti – one – medium portion

Vegetarian Pad Thai – medium portion

Tofu and Spinach – medium portion

Pumpkin Curry – medium portion


Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied




Breakfast-time quandary! I awoke feeling hungry. But I had a long day of healing ahead of me. And, usually, food+healing doesn’t work. But I knew I wasn’t going to last until evening, so I decided to eat some sandwiches anyway, hoping that there would be enough of a gap between eating and healing. Thankfully, my breakfast didn’t interfere with the healing energies. Which is a relief. But there’s still a bit of a conflict in me between starving myself on healing days and eating – at least – breakfast. As I’ve mentioned before, I used to eat a pack of Maltesers or other chocolate-based confection on healing days. But I’m really not prepared to revert to that way of eating!

Sometimes my fruit’n’nut’n’yog combo will work. But today, I was so hungry in the morning that I was really rather desperate for something more filling. I guess the key is to eat breakfast early enough on healing days – around 530am would be ideal, I reckon.

The advantage to having had breakfast was that by the time I ate dinner in the evening, I wasn’t ravenous as I usually am at that point. So I had no desire nor need to stuff my face (as I have mostly done in the past.) Which means that I was able to bring home a substantial doggy bag from the Thai restaurant I like to eat at after seeing this, particular patient.

Tomorrow is high time I hit the gym. And Mother has sent over plenty of noodles and some soup too. So I won’t be spending too much time (if any at all) cooking. So I want to write (my fictions) like a maniac tomorrow!





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