Modest Overindulgence!

Breakfast – skipped


1230pm – Lunch:

First time I've eaten any form of 'pudding' in a week.

First time I’ve eaten any form of ‘pudding’ in a week.

Quorn Chicken Burger sandwich with lettuce and tomato – medium portion

Three baby cucumbers with herbs and lemon juice

Two homemade, iced chocolate chip cookies

Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied


8-10pm – Dinner:

Unnecessary virgin punch

Unnecessary virgin punch

Unnecessary Poppadom

Unnecessary Poppadom

These starters could/should have been the whole meal!

These starters could/should have been the whole meal!

Relatively modest main course

Relatively modest main course

Birthday cupcake wasn't really optional

Birthday cupcake wasn’t really optional

Ras Malai was totally optional!

Ras Malai was totally optional!

(Virgin) Irish Coffee was utterly unnecessary

(Virgin) Irish Coffee was utterly unnecessary

Virgin punch – small glass

Half a poppadum with chutneys – small portion

1.5 slabs of Paneer Tikka – medium portion

Crispy Mushroom – medium portion

Papdi Chaat – very small portion

Spinach/nut kebab – small portion

One piece of Tandoori Roti – small portion

Baingan Bhartha – small portion

Bhindi Bhaji – very small portion

Kofta Curry – small portion

Saffron Rice – small portion

Raita – small portion

1 Cupcake

Ras Malai – small portion

Virgin Irish Coffee

Satiety Level: Full


Well, I’m gonna have to slightly write off today as an anomaly. It is the first time in a week that I have ‘overeaten’. But even my overeating was relative. It’s not as if I’m rolling around clutching my stomach, ruing the vast quantities ingested today, self-flagellating as penance for my corporeal sins! I just had a tad more than I really needed to. I ate slightly unconsciously today. And, in future, I’ll try to resist going for the optional extras!

Lunch was largely within bounds (even though it could be said that the two homemade cookies weren’t absolutely essential!) Dinner, alas, was well beyond bounds! My explanation (not excuse, not defence!) is that we were attending the 60th Birthday bash of a very close, very long-standing family friend. It was in quite a refined Indian restaurant in Birmingham and segregating myself away from family and all the friends was simply not possible. So I had the distraction of social eating. I was unable to properly savour every single mouthful in the way that I have done all this week with almost all the food I have eaten. So I, automatically, enjoyed what was pretty posh nosh a lot less than, for instance, I profoundly enjoyed my buttered toast the other day!

But that is not to excuse myself for my indiscretions! I didn’t have to have the virgin punch. I don’t drink alcohol any more (I haven’t done for several years.) But it still felt impolite to refuse an alcoholic beverage at this celebratory do. And I thought that refusing any beverage apart from water would be excessively impolite. (Especially as we were toasting the birthday girl and others.) So I caved in, even though I only really wanted water. But the serving was really quite insignificant, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I also don’t feel too bad about the poppadum I had. Again, not necessary by any stretch of the imagination. And this time, there was absolutely no social pressure to have it. But I indulged anyway, telling myself that since we were out celebrating, there was no need to be overly austere. And, to be fair to myself, I only had a very small amount. Usually, I would have demolished 2-3 poppadoms. Instead, I ate only 1/2 of one!

Starters were, again, modestly portioned. I suppose, if I’m being particularly hard on myself, I could have managed without the extra half slab of Paneer Tikka. But, otherwise, I actually ate well within reason and at least half of what I would normally have put away.

And if the meal had ended there, I would have congratulated myself on a pretty restrained performance!

But, of course, there was a main course to come! Strictly speaking, by this time I was Pleasantly Satisfied and not needing to eat another morsel. I knew this was the case. And, yet, I ate a main course anyway. I really didn’t have a choice in that. I would have offended our hosts if I hadn’t eaten anything. And, again, to be fair to myself, I served myself only small or very small portions of everything. And in the past, I would have hoovered up twice to thrice as much as I did. So, yes, I overate. But not by very much.

It was necessary for me to have some sort of dessert – so I’ll acknowledge that I had no choice but to eat the birthday cupcake. But the Ras Malai and Virgin Irish Coffee that I had were definitely overindulgences with no valid excuses at my disposal!

But, at the end of the day, while there is no doubt that I ate unconsciously and ate more than I needed to and more nutritionally worthless food than I needed to, there is also no doubt that the end result of it all was that I was merely Full. Not stuffed. So still within reason. And this was an exceptional circumstance, after all. Having said which, we have a 30th birthday bash to go to next weekend and I intend to be even more restrained – and a lot more mindful of my body’s signals – than I managed to be (under intense social scrutiny!) tonight!



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