Every single mouthful today tickled my tastebuds!

530am – Breakfast:

The delights of restraint!

The delights of restraint!

Two fried eggs

Two buttered toasts

Baked avocado with sandwich spread dollops

Chobani (quasi-Greek) yoghurt’n’nuts’n’fruit


Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied-Full



945am – Lunch:

Every morsel a pleasure!

Every morsel a pleasure!


(Sunflower) seeded bun with butter – large sized

Tofu. peas and potato curry with rice – small portion


Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied




945pm – Dinner:


I loved every second of this meal-without-seconds!

I loved every second of this meal-without-seconds!


Mug of homemade broccoli, celery, carrot, leek and onion soup – Medium serving


Herbed baby cucumbers in lime juice – Medium portion


Tofu curry and cheese sandwiches – Medium portion


Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied



1.15am – Late night cup of coffee with honey and double cream



Today’s food was just, so wonderfully satisfying. I was quite hungry come the morn and I managed to fry two eggs perfectly with runny, velvet yolks! I also managed to not overcook my baked avocado too… (and by “not overcooked”, I mean ever-so-slightly undercooked! But it was very decent nonetheless. If I have avocado for my next breakfast, I expect to cook it to perfection.)

‘Lunch’ was at the decidedly unlunchly time of 9.45am. (Barely even Brunch-time!)

But I was a little hungry then and felt fully justified in eating what I did, when I did it! Besides which, I then left it a full 12 hours before eating anything again.  (Because my body felt adequately fuelled until then.)

Spent much of the evening helping to make 56 Christmassy cookies for sale at a Christmas Fayre tomorrow (funds raised going to charity.) Didn’t taste a single one! Took absolutely no willpower. (Whereas, in recent times, I’d’ve easily polished off four or five without even blinking!)

Late hour+socially active weekend ahead= short post tonight. G’night!




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