Heavy weights at the gym doesn’t have to mean heavy food intake!

530am – Breakfast:

Eclectic Breakfast

Eclectic Breakfast

My OTHER culinary creation has a Michelin star!

My OTHER culinary creation has a Michelin star!

Veggie pasta leftovers with slice of Havarti cheese – Small portion

Toast with butter – 1 small slice

Fruit’n’nut’n’yog combo – medium to large portion

Baked avocado and egg – Medium portion

Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied-Full


Lunch: Skipped


745pm Dinner:

Not the most beautiful food in the world!

Not the most beautiful food in the world!

Homemade Stir Fry Veggie Noodles – Medium portion

Homemade Egg fried rice – Medium portion


Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied


130am – Late night coffee with honey and double cream


I was really rather hungry at 5.30am. So I had a relatively substantial breakfast. The leftover pasta was fine. The toast with butter was divine! As was, as always, my fruit’n’nut’n’yog combo which I failed to eat the previous night. The baked avocado and egg was odd. Well, I overcooked the whole thing, so the egg was rather rubbery. But the avocado was interestingly nutty. It kinda reminded me of roast chestnuts. Certainly pleasing and I might even give it a go again in the morning.

So, yes, breakfast was the first time in a few days that I’ve approached being full. But then, I naturally compensated for that by not eating again until 14 hours (and a heavy gym session) later! But I wasn’t depriving myself or using incredible willpower to forego food. I simply wasn’t hungry until after I went to the gym. I was toying with the idea of making some lassi or drinking some kind of milkshake to aid recovery of my muscles. But I knew that I’d only be doing that because you are supposed to ingest a large dose of protein post-workout. My body was not crying out for anything much at that point. So I listened to my body. And it was about an hour after I stopped lifting weights that I had finally got home and rustled up the unappetizing-looking, but perfectly tasty, dinner of noodles and rice. Recently, I would have drunk about a pint of lassi or milkshake, eaten about twice the amount that I did tonight and probably would have made some tofu too to intensify the protein hit. Oh, and I’d’ve had some sort of dessert.

Instead, I accurately judged how much food I’d need to satisfy my hunger, ate it and then ate nothing else. In terms of my strength at the gym, I didn’t notice anything untoward. Even though my food consumption has been very limited this week, I still felt I was getting stronger.

I managed the 80kgs (which is the maximum weight) on the shoulder press machine, which I have been lifting recently, a little easier than I have before. I only did three, slow reps. I concentrated on good form and targeting the muscles. I managed 80kgs on the lat pulldown machine without any difficulty. I managed 70kgs on the chest press machine. And I managed 85kgs on the front row machine. I did 12kgs with strict form and slow reps on the triceps pushdown machine and I did shoulder shrugs with a 20kg dumbbell in each hand. I also did 7.5kg bicpes curls (doesn’t sound like a lot, but the constant tension on the muscles made it quite taxing) using the bottom handle of the triceps pushdown machine. I also did some of those cross-body extensions for the shoulders (7.5kgs, I think.)

These are at the upper limits of what I can lift with strict form and at a snail’s pace. And, beforehand, I was wondering whether my restricted food intake over the past several days would result in a corresponding depletion of energy. Well, it didn’t! I almost feel as if excess food leads to excess sluggishness and a more difficult time at the gym. Because tonight’s workout felt quite easy and I don’t feel at all sore now. (Some of that must be to do with the chi-generating exercizes and 20-minute meditation I did immediately post-workout, but I always do those. Tonight I feel more energized that I usually do post-gym.)

So, yes, I’ve managed to crack the tyranny of trainers the world over, whose unfailing advice on how to eat – both pre- and post-workout – I completely failed to implement! In future, I will not over-compensate for exercize by overeating. I will continue to follow my body’s signals and eat modestly in response to them.






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