Back on the eating properly wagon !

Back with a Vengeance ! Healthy By Christmas!

Breakfast: Skipped

12pm Lunch:

This is the first meal of the rest of my life!

This is the first meal of the rest of my life!

Leftover Chinese takeaway (Singapore veggies vermicelli noodles, tofu in yellow bean sauce and garlic aubergine) – medium portion

Very lightly spiced Jeera Potatoes – small portion

Steamed mixed vegetables – small portion

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied


8pm Dinner:

Completely satisfying and no need for a dessert!

Completely satisfying and no need for a dessert!

Leftover 6-inch Subway Veggie Delite with added jeera potatoes – medium to large portion

Bowl of steamed mixed vegetables with butter – medium portion

Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied – Full


945pm – Coffee with honey and double cream

(An indulgence? Probably. But a guiltless one!)


It’s been too long since I fell off the wagon. My rapid weight-loss in Jan/Feb was very welcome. But I was also eating meat and fish regularly. I ended up with an acute, severe attack of gout at the end of March. I spoke to my rheumatologist about it and he thought my rapid weight-loss contributed to the accumulation of uric acid crystals in my ankle.

So I was, initially, somewhat wary of continuing the Paul McKenna regime and decided to stop following the rules until my gout was under control. I also made the decision to stop eating meat and fish and to resume the vegetarianism which has always felt morally (and karmically) right for me. The last bit of meat I had was at the end of May 2013, just before I began the Mind Body Spirit 2013 event at London’s Earl’s Court where I have a stand every year. That was a sausage. But once I began healing at the festival, I realized that eating meat and fish was incompatible with my healing. And this was borne out throughout my time at the festival. The energies I felt – and my healees there experienced – were incredibly powerful this year. And there was a refined quality to them which I simply hadn’t been experiencing during the previous, meat-eating year. I don’t suggest that this will be the case for everyone. If others can square meat-eating with healing, that is their business and their choice. But I have stopped deluding myself that, in my case, I can do both at the same time.

And my latest blood results (in September 2013) confirmed that becoming a vegetarian once more has already brought its rewards. My serum urate levels were comfortably back in the ‘normal’ range after being hugely elevated in March. Meat and fish do not suit me. I have to accept that. My body cannot process them properly. (Nor can my conscience, nor my soul!)

So, anyway, I have definitely put back on the weight I lost in early 2013. This is hugely irritating to me and I am determined to reverse it. This blog was a major reason for my sticking with Paul McKenna’s rules, a major motivating factor and, therefore, was a major reason for my weightloss. Which is why I am now resuming it with a vengeance.

Apologies to those of my subscribers and readers whom I have neglected for so long. I hope you can forgive my absence. I hope you will continue on this journey with me. I know success is certain if I stick to Paul McKenna’s rules. Please take my hand as I resume my healthy, conscious-eating quest!


2 comments on “Back on the eating properly wagon !

  1. Cherry Lawson says:

    Good luck! I fell off the wagon too for the last six months and undid all my good work. However, we’ve both taken the first and most difficult step, so let’s crack on!

  2. cheeriofatty says:

    Thank you – same to you! I’m absolutely flipping determined this time! And, after two days of following the rules again, I already feel fantastic, lighter, happier and more energized! Let me know how you get on too.

    Peace&Light from


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