Eating |Consciously – Day 38 – My first experience of overeating for such a long time…and it feels HORRIBLE!

Fri, 1st March


Large serving of pauwa

Small cheese, tomato and lettuce bun

Small portion of Greek Yoghurt,’n’berries’n’cashews

1 cup of coffee (Half of the mug pictured)

Satiety Level: Just beyond full

Substantial breakfast. Bordering on overeating!

Substantial breakfast. Bordering on overeating!

This was the equivalent of my "waffer-thin mint"! It tipped me over into overeating.

This was the equivalent of my “waffer-thin mint”! It tipped me over into overeating.




2.5 samosas and chutney

Medium portion of veggie pasta

Large bowl of Greek Yoghurt’n’berries’n’nuts


Satiety Level: Full

Sensible leftovers

Sensible leftovers

Sensible samosas

Sensible samosas

A samosa too far!

A samosa too far!


I am slightly annoyed at myself for allowing myself to overeat (albeit only slightly) for the first time in nearly 40 days! It happened, first, at breakfast. I was hungry, to be sure. But I didn’t need to take all the pauwa that I did. Or, if I did want to have that much pauwa, I didn’t need to have that bun. And, on top of it all, I certainly didn’t need to have that berry’n’nut’yoghurt combo. So even though I was very far from properly stuffing myself in a way that I used to very regularly, it is interesting the discomfort I felt after what I believe is now overeating for me. In other words, I only need to overeat by a very small amount to feel bloated and uncomfortable. So, yes, I am a little miffed at myself, but at least I will be a little more mindful of my portion sizes from now on.

The second time I overate today (the second time I ate anything today) was at dinner. I had one samosa too many. I am now feeling very uncomfortable indeed! Again, this is not major bingeing like I have indulged in in the past. But I am in such bloaty discomfort that I do not wish to repeat this experience again! On top of that, I’m experiencing a strange, fluttery sensation in my right side that may or may not have something to do with swimming. I swam for nearly an hour today. But, because I was feeling a little bloated after the breakfast, I didn’t glide as easily through the water as I had done yesterday.

So this has definitely been the worst day I have had so far while eating consciously. If the discomfort doesn’t let up soon, I’m going to have to do some walking round downstairs. That’s ok. I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

I’m quite surprised at the rather excessive reaction my body is having to only a small amount of indulgence. But that’s a good thing. It means that my internal default setting is to now eat very modest portions indeed! And any deviation from that will lead to a large-scale protest from my body!



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