Eating Consciously – Day 34 – Fatty’s getting thinner!

Mon, 25th Feb 2013

Weight: 110.1kgs (aka 242.7 lbs aka 17.4 stones)

Weight lost since I started eating consciously: 6.8kgs (approx 14.99lbs 1stone)

Effort required: practically zilch!

Target Weight: Not excessively bothered. But somewhere in the region of 12-14 stones (76-88kgs aka 168-196 pounds) seems about right for my height and build. The BMI charts seem to suggest I would be healthy at around 11.5 stones. That seems too thin for me. Especially if I want to maintain a decent muscle mass.)


Medium portion of Greek Yoghurt, Manuka Honey, Goji berries, raisins, pistachios and cashews

Satiety Level: Neutral

Goodness in every bite!

Goodness in every bite!


Half of Nando’s Chicken fillet burger with chips and dips.

Satiety Level: Neutral

Not exactly Man vs Food portions!

Not exactly Man vs Food portions!


2 homemade Aloo Parathas with lime pickle and chutney

2 Small petis with sev and chutneys

Medium sized baked salmon fillet cooked in coconut milk, tamarind paste, garlic, banana and chilli flakes

Satiety Level: Full

Post-gym starters

Post-gym starters

Post-gym starters Part 2

Post-gym starters Part 2

Post-gym protein!

Post-gym protein!


Well, I’ve reached my first milestone on this weightloss journey. I’ve now lost a stone since I began following Paul McKenna’s Four Golden Rules on the 21st of Jan. A stone in just over a month without the use of any willpower and simply by resetting my attitude to food and hunger is a decent start to all this.

But I know that that system reset is for life! I simply have – thanks to Paul – a life-long strategy that is not a diet and, therefore, is not based on restriction and food neurosis.

On the contrary, I feel free. The quality of the food I am eating on a daily basis has improved greatly. I am experimenting even more with recipes. My exercising is sensible and, again, sustainable in the long-term.

I have Paul McKenna to thank for this revolution in my eating life. And, in fact, I did thank him in person the other day at his Weight Loss event in London. I’ve got a bit of a blogging and work backlog that I have to get through first. But in the next day or two, I intend to write a post about my experiences at that event last Saturday; my thoughts and feelings about it all. And, it has to be said, I didn’t find everything about the day to be entirely positive! But I am very glad that I went. More on this anon….



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