Eating Consciously – Day 29 – Despite the propaganda, breakfast isn’t always important!

Tues, 19th Feb 2013






2 small pieces of handwo

Medium portion of veggie noodles

Small portion of tofu

Medium portion of fruits’n’nuts’nGreek Yoghurt’n’Manuka Honey


Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

All familiar friends!

All familiar friends!



Large bowl of homemade tomato and vegetable and pasta soup

Medium portion of egg fried rice

Small portion of fruit’n’nuts’n’Greek Yoghurt’n’Manuka Honey


Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Soupylicious and egg fried nice!

Soupylicious and egg fried nice!

More orgasmic than any other pudding you'd care to mention!

More orgasmic than any other pudding you’d care to mention!



I’ve been skipping breakfasts recently. Partly because of waking up later and partly because I’ve just not been hungry enough to bother with breakfast. And I think that’s perfectly dandy. I wish schools and government agencies and so-called experts and etc would stop banging on about the vital importance of having breakfast. I don’t believe it is vital if you are not hungry! If you are merely shovelling food down your gullet because it happens to be 6.30am or 7.30am or 8am or whenever breakfast time in your household/culture is, I don’t think that’s doing you any good at all. If you are genuinely hungry at breakfast time, fine… eat! But if you’re not… don’t! Wait until you are! Your body will tell you when you need to eat. So listen to it! I have found recently that when I have breakfast (normally around 8am-ish) I’m not hungry until at least 6-8 hours later. Which means that lunch is around 2-3pm. And I’m not hungry for dinner until around 10pm-midnight!  But in the few days recently when I have skipped breakfast altogether, not only have I eaten less overall in a day, I have also felt better for skipping breakfast and for eating dinner quite early (around 6.30pm/7pm-ish.) I think that my body is telling me that there aren’t really enough waking hours in a day for me to squeeze in three square meals. So I think I will consciously try and stick to only two. On days when I do have a breakfast early in the morning, I will probably try and forgo lunch and not eat until dinner. It sounds like a workable plan for me on the whole. Especially on days when I am healing and/or travelling.

Anyway, lunch today was leftover noodles and tofu and handwo. I was only neutral on the hunger scale after that, so I had some Greek Yoghurt and fruit and nuts which nudged me up to pleasantly satisfied. Really didn’t feel like eating more than that.

The next few hours were full of activity in the cold. I cleaned out the rabbits’ cages while chuckling myself silly to Radio 4’s Just A Minute. I made a trip to the tip to get rid of excess stuff from the garage. I picked up some hay and treats for our surviving rabbit, Skully. I had the car mini-valeted inside and out by a posse of Iraqi chaps who did a sterling and very thorough job that took 45 mins for the princely charge of a tenner! (They were very busy and I can see why! Good luck to them!)

It was then back to the homestead to make dinner which was the most heavenly tomato and veggie and pasta soup that I have made yet and a very tasty egg fried rice with tofu, sweetcorn, baby corn, onions, ginger and mushrooms. Again, I ate till neutral and followed up with a frugal serving of fruit’n’nuts’n’Greek Yoghurt.

Overall, I feel as if I’ve consumed only a small number of calories today. But I am more satisfied than I ever used to be when bingeing and gorging and generally overeating!


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