Eating Consciously – Day 25 – Eschewing pizza (again!) and a fantastic meal at the rightfully vilified Stafford Hospital!

Fri, 15th Feb, 2013



1 crusty roll with herbed olive oil with Harissa

Medium portion of cheese-filled sweet peppers, mozarella balls and sundreied tomatoes

Medium portion of homemade broccoli and cauliflower bake

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

I'm truly enjoying my unconventional breakfasts

I’m truly enjoying my unconventional breakfasts


Small portion of battered fish and chips (a few mouthfuls of that pictured)

Large portion of spicy rice/boiled egg concoction topped with pastry and spicy tomato sauce

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Excellent hospital canteen fare! Eaten at the infamous Stafford Hospital!

Excellent hospital canteen fare! Eaten at the infamous Stafford Hospital!


2 large samosas with sweet chutney

Small portion of avocado and cucumber salad

1 crusty olive roll with herbed Harissa olive oil

Medium portion of cheese-stuffed peppers, mozarella balls and sundried tomatoes

Small portion of fruits and nuts

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Very palatable spicy samosas

Very palatable spicy samosas

Modest meal.

Modest meal.


A day of moderate activity and no dedicated exercise (still achey from yesterday’s heavy weights at the gym) which translated into moderate food consumption throughout the day.

Again it was effortless to spurn the temptation of Pizza Hut pizza (and the silly extras which I was compelled to purchase!) which I bought for the family. I enjoyed the bread and oil and salad and samosas immensely instead. (Whereas the pizza would have left me feeling a bit grungy and bloated and unsatisfied.)

I’ll mention a wonderful lunch I had at Stafford Hospital (which has hit national headlines in recent years and, indeed, this past week or so for its clinical failures, unacceptable failures in care and astronomical mortality rates all in the service of a manager-saturated bureaucratic target culture! Not to mention a four-month-old baby who had a dummy taped to his mouth recently by a member of staff there in the service of God-knows-what!)

Well, the interesting spicy-rice-and-boiled-egg-and-pastry concoction that really shouldn’t have worked turned out to be one of the tastiest things I have eaten outside the home in ages! Better than many meals at supposedly wonderful restaurants! And all for the princely sum of £7.05 for that and the perfectly good battered fish that my companion had! Could it be that Stafford Hospital will become the next fine dining destination restaurant of choice?!


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