Eating Consciously – Day 24 – Exorcising the twin demons of chocolates and fizzy drinks and eating proportionate to hunger

Thurs, 14th Feb, 2013


Medium bowl of Greek Yoghurt, fruit’n’nuts and Manuka Honey

Satiety Level: Neutral

Perfect pre-healing meal!

Perfect pre-healing meal!


4 Prawn Toasts

Medium portion of King Prawn Chow Mein

Medium portion of Vegetable Dumplings in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Medium portion of Salt and Chilli Tofu

Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied

Perfect post-healing meal!

Perfect post-healing meal!


1 Prawn Toast

Small portion of Salt & Chilli Tofu

Small portion of Vegetable Dumplings in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Small portion of homemade Paneer Jalfrezi

Small portion of King Prawn Chow Mein

Small portion of stir-fried vegetables

Small portion of Indian fried rice

Small portion of fruits and nuts

Satiety Level: Pleasantly Satisfied

Very pleasing post-workout meal!

Very pleasing post-workout meal!

These dried Mulberries are gorgeous!

These dried Mulberries are gorgeous!


For years, Maltesers (sometimes up to 3/4 of a large bag!), Mint Aeros and a fizzy drink like Coke or Lucozade were my preferred pre-healing meal. They did not cause me any kind of gastric disruption and I seemed to be able to digest them with minimal fuss and zero distraction from my healing flow! (Or disruption of my healing energy!)

I knew from experience that anything much more substantial than that was less than optimal for the sake of my patients. But recently, I have realized that fruit is similarly non-disruptive. And, today, I have discovered that the Greek Yoghurt/Manuka Honey/Fruit’n’nuts meal is a perfect substitute for the empty calories I used to consume before healing. I am very pleased that I haven’t touched a drop of fizzy drinks (apart from, once, sparkling water!) since April 2012. I know that I have relegated that high fructose tooth’n’gut-rot to my sordid past! And, after nearly a month of eating consciously, I am encouraged that not a single chocolate has passed my lips. Hopefully, chocolates have also joined Coke et al in my personal Room 101. I know that there are supposed to be some interesting health benefits to eating dark chocolate. And, for a while, I did try. But I have to accept that I just don’t like the taste and, for me, eating dark chocolate has been, in the past, an excuse to just eat other chocolates that I do like even more!

Lunch and dinner were, mostly, made up of our favourite local(ish) Chinese food from a decent restaurant. Again, even though it looks like I ate a lot, my portions were half what they have been in the past and, at the start of both meals, I was genuinely hungry (almost ravenous in the case of lunch!) Lunch was eaten six hours after breakfast with much driving and much healing in between. And dinner was eaten six hours after lunch with a heavy upper body weights session in between. Which explains why, in spite of my portions being larger than they have been recently, they were still very proportionate to my hunger.


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