Eating Consciously – Day 22 – Tastiest Homemade Ready Meal

Tues, 12th Feb 2013


Large plate of veggie pasta

Satiety Level: Full

Wot? No Bread? What's wrong with me?!

Wot? No Bread? What’s wrong with me?!





Small portion of homemade Paneer Jalfrezi

Medium portion of homemade Turkey Coconut Curry

Small portion of rice

3 small puris


Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Homemade curries: More satisfying than ready meals or takeaways.

Homemade curries: More satisfying than ready meals or takeaways.



Began following a recipe for Chicken Curry by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from The Guardian Magazine. Soon realized it was almost a carbon-copy of nearest’n’dearest’s signature Shahi Paneer recipe. Just with chicken instead of paneer. I had some turkey pieces in the fridge, so thought they would slot in nicely. Still slightly worried about undercooking. But the curry was baked in the oven for an hour. And, as it happened, it felt slightly overcooked. Maybe I’ll give it only 45 mins next time?

I chucked in as many (appropriate) spices as we had knocking about in the cupboard. And I used fresh turmeric root for the first time ever! The staining of my fingers was inevitable. And even though the taste and texture of the pieces of chopped turmeric were actually rather pleasant, in future I might try blitzing in the blender first.

But, overall, I think the Turkey Curry was a success. The sauce was just perfect. Along the lines of the best Indian ready meal or takeaway you could mention, but better! And, almost certainly, healthier. I used coconut oil, which I am happy to use in any Indian cookery, but which I’m quite willing to use in Chinese stir-fries and even for frying eggs!

The Paneer Jalfrezi was also decent. (At least the homemade sauce was.) But the paneer I used was the Savera brand paneer which both ASDA and Tesco seem to stock these days. Made from semi-skimmed milk, I think. Which means it becomes chewy on cooking, whereas it should be almost melt-in-the-mouth soft.  Deep frying the paneer cubes first helped somewhat, but they were still a bit disappointing. In future, I might even make my own paneer. I’ll have nearest’n’dearest guide me on that.

I’ve come to realize that it is almost impossible for me to overeat Indian meals now. Especially as I’m making them spicier than I ever used to. The spices/heat tend to make me fuller quicker. Especially when I am savouring every single mouthful. It even feels as if my stomach is contracting in a sort of reaction to the spiciness! I might begin to stick some chillies in my Chinese dishes and pasta dishes too! Maybe even in every meal! Depends on how well I tolerate them, of course. But since I’m not overdosing on any foods these days, I have a feeling that I could eat even very hot (spicy) food without any adverse effects.

Another session at the gym which included 30 minutes on the cross-trainer. I pushed myself well and felt very good afterwards. A short abs session (bicycling moves and leg raises) in the studio resulted in my not being able to get up because I was having a couple of abs-spasms and was forced to relax on the floor until my midsection recovered! No matter! I’ll take it easier next time I do abs.

Tomorrow I have leftover Indian to get through and Mother has sent some quinoa cooked in a khichidi-stylee! Not sure what I’ll make for dinner tomorrow. Maybe some corn soup.


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