Eating Consciously – Day 21 – Cooking eating into gym time! Tarja Turunen (rabbit) R.I.P.

Mon, 11th Feb 2013


1 small roasted veggies, Philadelphia and cheddar sandwich

Medium portion of Greek yoghurt with Makuka honey, cashews, walnuts and raisins

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Scrumptious breakfast

Scrumptious breakfast


Large plate of veggie pasta

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Flavour dripping (literally!) from every mouthful!

Flavour dripping (literally!) from every mouthful!


2 crusty rolls and herbed olive oil

Small portion of homemade tomato pasta

Medium bowl of homemade broccoli soup


Satiety Level: Full

Déjà vu!

Déjà vu!

Warming comfort food/treat

Warming comfort food/treat



I found Tarja Turunen – one of our rabbits – lifeless in her cage in the garage this morning when I went in to feed them. She has had a difficult couple of years, having suffered from what the vet believed to be mini-strokes which left her with all sorts of issues with balance and coordination and cleaning herself and overall vitality. It was heartbreaking to see her get herself so excited whenever anyone approached with food. She would fall over onto her back and struggle around with her paws in the air until she was able to right herself (or until someone helped her to do so.) She was an albino with the most striking pink/red eyes you could imagine. Her coat was just, so, luxuriantly soft. She was a supermodel amongst rabbits, basically! And her temperament was so placid, so happy-go-lucky. She never displayed the fear that has always defined our other rabbit. Tarja was perfectly happy to sit or even sleep on us for hours on end. She did have the cultured haughtiness of a supermodel. And she did go through a phase, when she was younger, of spraying my nearest and dearest in her face with urine! We have known for a long while now that Tarja was living on borrowed time and that her passing on was inevitable soon. But as recently as Friday night, she was enthusiastically munching away at her food. So the end has come as a bit of a surprise. There was nothing to suggest that her time was up. Our spirits have been somewhat dampened by her passing.

Goodbye Tarja. Bye Bye Beautiful!


It’s been a slightly pasta-heavy day. (Late) lunch was a two-tone combination of homemade pastas. One kinda tomatoey and cheesy and one kinda minty and roasted vegetably. Again, my portion size was easily half of what it has been for years. I’m really enjoying cooking on a near-daily basis. And I know my body loves it! The slight issue I have is that all that cooking does eat into the time I would otherwise have for the gym or for swimming. And being pushed for time almost made me not bother with exercise today. Thankfully, I forced myself to abandon writing (and/or TV!) for the evening and did a 24-minute run at the gym instead. I slightly increased my running speed on the treadmill to 7.5. And I listened to Tom Sutcliffe and guests on Radio 4’s Saturday Review while I ran. Which is always enjoyable. (I am such a Radio 4 fan! I think I could survive without TV, if pushed. But I would find it pretty hellish without radio!) And, according to the treadmill, I burned 243 calories. Which is ok. I wanted to do more, but I didn’t really have time for a 20-odd minute cross-trainer session as well. I’ll try and do a more solid cardio or swim session tomorrow. I’ll try and get cooking done early in the day to facilitate that.

It’s now an hour since I finished at the gym, but I’m still not hungry. (Seven hours since I had lunch.) So, again, I anticipate doing a 30-minute chi session in a bit while I watch University Challenge. And if I’m still not properly hungry, I might do some walking and reading round the house!

Mother has sent some pasta and broccoli soup, so I’ll probably have that if I do manage to get hungry before bedtime! But if I simply don’t feel the hunger, I’ll try to be psychologically content with a coffee.


Well, hunger did strike. So I fought back! By eating. I am now full. I’m feeling fuller than I have in the past three weeks. But I believe that is because of the stomach-filling effect of soup. Paul McKenna does warn against eating soup because of its volume and because you can lose track of how much you are eating very easily. I am mindful of that. So I didn’t serve myself a massive portion. (Actually, served myself less than half of what I would have normally.) But, nevertheless, I am feeling very full. That is, no doubt, more to do with my doubling my crusty-roll intake! Yes, that was a bit of an indulgence. But I don’t apologize for it. I truly wanted to eat the second one. And I enjoyed every single morsel!

I have plenty of leftover pasta which will feed me throughout tomorrow. I also plan on making a paneer dish with rice for the family meal. Paneer used to be my Kryptonite! (Or whatever the opposite of Kryptonite is.) I hungered after it. And when I had it in my clutches, I devoured it. More than my fair share. More than my unfair share! But tomorrow I won’t be making a massive amount in the first place. And I don’t have the inclination nor the ability to overeat any more.



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