Eating Consciously – Day 20 – Hunger? What’s that when I’m at home?!

Sun, 10th Feb 2013




1.5 crusty rolls and herbed olive oil

Small portion of olives and feta (2/3 of that pictured)

Medium bowl of homemade vegetable soup

Medium portion of Greek Yoghurt and Manuka Honey

Satiety Level: Full

Didn't take a lot to fill me up.

Didn’t take a lot to fill me up.


1 small roast veggies, Philadelphia, cheddar and sweet chilli jam sandwich

Half mozarella, spinach and tomato sandwich

Half a roll

Medium portion of cucumber and tomato salad

2 small sharon fruit(s)


Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

If it's eaten after midnight... which day does it belong to?!

If it’s eaten after midnight… which day does it belong to?!



Most of the time nowadays, I don’t feel hungry. I certainly don’t feel the kind of hunger that used to make me scoff chocolate bars and crisps and cakes and biscuits like they were going out of fashion! And it takes a lot for me to be hungry at all now! Last night I ate dinner at about 7.30pm. I had a late coffee at about midnight, but apart from that, I ate nothing until approximately 2pm today! That’s nearly 20 hours without food! And I wasn’t actively abstaining from food. I simply didn’t have any hunger signals at all! Even when I finally sat down to eat, I wasn’t hugely hungry. Which is probably why I became full very quickly. This is a great way to be for me! It must mean that my body is getting better at absorbing and utilizing the calories that I do consume. And it probably means that my body is dipping into my excess fat stores as and when needed too! (At least, that’s what it feels like!)

I didn’t have time for the gym or swimming today. In the past, I would eat almost every meal till I was stuffed – whether or not I engaged in lots of activity in a day. Now, I eat slightly more when I have exercised or exerted myself a lot. But only with a very beady eye on my satiety levels!


The above part of my summary I wrote a short while after eating lunch. (Which I ate at around 1.30pm-ish.) It is now 1030pm and I’m still not feeling particularly hungry! I made tonight’s dinner, fed the family, but have had no wish to eat myself! I probably will eat soon. But I’m being a stickler for Paul McKenna’s Golden Rule which states that you should eat only when you are hungry. Well, I’m kinda neutral at the moment, so I don’t think I’m going to eat… just yet. I’m positive that the reason I’m not hungry is because it has been a largely sedentary day. I did some grocery shopping. I did some reading. I did a fair amount in the kitchen. I did some intermittent healing. But I didn’t exercise at all. I might try doing a long chi session now, just to build up an appetite! If that doesn’t do it, I’m going to sleep and will just eat breakfast when I wake up…


Well… I’ve finally eaten a satisfying meal at 1230am! I wouldn’t say I was incredibly hungry. But I was beginning to feel some hunger pangs. I could have gone to sleep and just eaten in the morning – my stomach would not have protested too much. But time is very limited in the morning (I have to rise at around 6am) and so I’d have ended up not eating until at least 8am. And that’s if everything runs smoothly. But with the possibility of snow – and the certainty of freezing conditions – it is possible that I might not be able to eat until around 11am. And that would be getting on for 24 hours since my last meal!

So, yes, I’ve just eaten a modest meal. But I get the feeling that I won’t feel hungry again until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest! I don’t see that as a problem, to be honest. My routine and work is pretty flexible tomorrow. And I intend to get in a swim or gym session (cardio) if possible. So that might stimulate my hunger. And there are enough leftovers in the fridge that I don’t need to worry about what my next meal will be. I’ll be cooking for the family in the evening – probably pasta – but I doubt I’ll be eating an evening meal at all!

All of this is a miraculous transformation from the 20-year tummy-expanding quest of my adult life so far!


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