Eating Consciously – Day 19 – No need to resist Pizza Hut pizza!

9th Feb 2013






Large portion of homemade chicken and noodle stir-fry (I ate 2/3 of the amount shown.)


Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Overhoneyed, possibly  overcooked chicken, but I'm getting there slowly!

Overhoneyed, possibly overcooked chicken, but I’m getting there slowly!



1 large bread roll and herbed olive oil

Medium portion of tomato, spinach and mozarella salad

Medium portion of olives

Large portion of patra

Small portion of homemade vegetable soup


Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Will this bread'n'oil obsession ever end?!

Will this bread’n’oil obsession ever end?!

Spicy patra and bland soup combo!

Spicy patra and bland soup combo!



Woke late, so missed breakfast. Had diced chicken with final-day expiry date on it languishing in fridge, so felt obliged to make a stir-fry using up yesterday’s leftover noodles. I’m – slowly – beginning to lose my fear of cooking chicken from raw. I still tend to overcook it, but I always figure that overcooked chicken isn’t half as dangerous as undercooked chicken! I put in too much honey and too much sauce generally, but the ginger and garlic kick was pretty intense (in a good way.) Overall, hardly a success. But hardly a failure either. I know what not to do for next time.

My (upper body) gym session was cut short by a hamstring pull which was rather painful, left me limping and recovering in the studio with a pack of ice cubes and my wounded pride. I’d pulled the muscle whilst bending over to place a couple of light (10kg!) dumbbells on the ground in readiness for some Arnie shoulder presses. Several hours later, I’m feeling a dull ache every time I flex/stretch the hamstrings, but it’ll mend soon. Not sure I’ll be able to do any cardio or leg work for a few days, though. I might try swimming gently instead.

Nearest and dearest was hankering after a Pizza Hut pizza, so I went straight after my frustrating gym session to get it for her. All I wanted was a regular hot Veggie Supreme for her, which would have come to £8.95. But the smiley girl serving me said that if I went for a ‘Classic Side’, it’d come to £7.95. In other words, it literally would have cost me more money for less food! So I added garlic bread to the order and paid less. And, of course, proportionally, it would have been better value for me to have gone for an even larger pizza deal. So, in effect, we are constantly being penalized for selecting sensible portions. It’s interesting how much of the food industry encourages us to be fat and/or wasteful! Well, I refuse to be indoctrinated by these unhealthy offers from now on. I am already resigned to the fact that I will either have to avoid buffet restaurants altogether, or just accept that I’ll be paying silly amounts for my much smaller meals. In the past, I have piled my plates high at these places. No more.

Re. the pizza, I didn’t touch a crumb of it! The meal I planned to have promised to be so flavourful and satisfying (it totally was!) that I really didn’t feel like sullying my digestion and tastebuds with the uninteresting Pizza Hut fare! In the past, I would have had a slice or two of pizza, a couple of garlic breads and, possibly, Coke in addition to the meal I did have. And I’d have wondered why I was left feeling ridiculously bloated!

Since starting to eat consciously, bloating and indigestion generally have disappeared. Even with foods such as cheese and spicy curries that, previously, I was convinced were the causes of my digestive difficulties! I now believe that it was a surfeit of everything that was the real problem. Nowadays, I don’t have a surfeit of anything at all!





2 comments on “Eating Consciously – Day 19 – No need to resist Pizza Hut pizza!

  1. I like that you are on day 19 and are still enthusiastic about it and making conscious choices. Based on that alone I’m already intrigued to find out a little bit more,about the book you recommended.

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