Eating Consciously – Day 18 – How to minimize the damage when eating unconsciously!

Friday, 8th Feb 2013


1 Large bowl of homemade tomato and vegetable soup

Crusty roll with herbed olive oil

Medium portion of olives


Satiety Level: Pleasingly satisfied


Absolutely gorgeous, flavour-packed meal!

Absolutely gorgeous, flavour-packed meal!






3 Small puris

Small portion of rice

Small portion of curried cabbage

Small portion of curried tindora and potato

Small portion of patra

Small portion of sheero

Small portion of plain yoghurt


Satiety Level: Neutral


Snack-sized meal!

Snack-sized meal!



The above might well be the smallest single-day food-intake since I started eating consciously! I was very hungry by the time I ate breakfast at about 11am. And it was a hearty meal. But I’m just unable to overeat these days. I didn’t even eat till I was full!

By 6pm, I still wasn’t really hungry. We went swimming. And it was a decent 40-minute swim. But I still didn’t feel particularly hungry afterwards!

We had a social engagement (where there would be food) but we didn’t eat straight after swimming. By the time we all finally sat down to eat, I was feeling pretty hungry. But hardly ravenous!

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat in silence, concentrating on every single mouthful properly. So I only plated up a very small amount of food altogether. And decided from the beginning that I would be happy with that amount, no matter what. Since I was about to eat unconsciously for the first time in three weeks, I knew I had to underestimate my portions, otherwise I’d end up stuffing myself without even knowing it!

It worked a treat! I still tried to chew well – at least 20 times per mouthful – but I was engaged in constant conversation, so barely had time to register the flavour of the food! I hated eating this way, but there was nothing I could do without offending and/or looking like a crackpot! So I decided to not beat myself up about the fact that I was – albeit slowly and after chewing well – shovelling the food away! And, anyway, even though I ate – easily – the least amount of anyone at the table, I was the last to finish! And I was still at neutral on Paul McKenna’s Hunger Scale when I stopped!

So that is the secret of social eating for me!

1. I deliberately have to under-serve myself.

2. I don’t worry about proper savouring of my food or proper focus.

3. I still chew incredibly thoroughly.

4. I decide from the start that I’m not going to have any seconds at all.





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