Eating Consciously – Day 16 – Even a long day of healing can’t mess me up!


Medium portion of baguette&herbed olive oil

Small portion of leftover garlic bread

1 crumpet with butter and Manuka Honey

Large mug of coffee


Satiety Level: Pleasingly satisfied

Wheat You Lookin' At!

Wheat You Lookin’ At?!

Does cutting it in half make it look bigger or smaller?!

Does cutting it in half make it look bigger or smaller?!







1 large bacon and tomato/chilli chutney sandwich (2 rashers)

Half cup of homemade tomato soup

Medium portion of vegetable rice and bhinda kadhi

Small portion of cauliflower and broccoli bake and roast potatoes

Small portion of fruit and nuts


Satiety Level: Full


Bacon butty'n'soup

Bacon butty’n’soup

Cheesy broccoli and cauli bake&potatoes

Cheesy broccoli and cauli bake&potatoes

Veggie rice&bhinda-kadhi + my default fruit'n'nuts bowl!

Veggie rice&bhinda-kadhi + my default fruit’n’nuts bowl!




Another very bready breakfast. But I am thoroughly enjoying bread at the moment! (Which I haven’t done for a long time. Partly because I always used to overdose on the stuff, whereas I am now eating only sensible amounts in a single day.)

I knew I had a long and intense day of healing with a longstanding client today and that I would be skipping lunch. So I felt the need to eat a decent breakfast. Overeating is a thing of the past for me now, so I didn’t do that. But I did eat a little more than I initially planned to.  Still nowhere near full, however! But I’m very glad I didn’t undereat either, as I felt adequately fuelled for the rest of the long, working day.

In the past, on a day like this, I would have loaded up with Cokes/other carbonated soft drinks and Maltesers/other chocolates. I found that doing so provided me with enough energy to get through a day of healing without eating anything else till night. But, of course, the calories were entirely empty and contributed a good amount to my flab. I am now resolved to eat fruits and nuts or, as I did today, bread and oil instead on these types of days. I felt light enough all day to do the healing, but satisfied enough not to feel hunger pangs or cravings at all.

By the time I got home late in the evening, I was certainly very hungry (not ravenous, though.) And I had a very hearty meal with plenty of variety. But my portion sizes remained under control and I didn’t feel the need to overcompensate for having skipped lunch. I ate because I was hungry. And I ate until I was full. So it was the biggest meal I have had in several days. But it still couldn’t be classed as overeating. In the past, I would have eaten at least twice what I did tonight! I’m so pleased that I managed to – easily – stick to Paul McKenna’s Four Golden Rules even on a day like this.

I didn’t have time to go to the gym today. But I intend to have a long cardio session tomorrow. I might even do 20mins on the treadmill and 20mins on the cross-trainer if I feel up to it. But even if I do, I have no intention of overeating as a reward!


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