Eating Consciously – Day 15 – How low can you go?!


Medium portion of baguette with herbed olive oil

Small portion of chilli olives

Small portion of jalapeno hummus

Small bowl of vegetable and pasta soup

Satiety Level: Neutral

Moderate bread consumption suits me fine.

Moderate bread consumption suits me fine.


Mug of homemade tomato soup

Medium portion of homemade curry

2 rotis

Satiety Level: Neutral

Very modest post-cardio meal.

Very modest post-cardio meal.


Large portion of rice noodles

3 Slices of garlic bread

Small portion of fruit (a few mouthfuls of the bowl pictured)

Satiety Level: Between neutral and pleasingly satisfied

I'd have noodles in every single meal if I could!

I’d have noodles in every single meal if I could!


I’m not counting calories, but I know that yesterday must have been a good day for calorie deficit because I felt, basically, in a state of neutrality on Paul McKenna’s hunger scale all day!

Boosted from yesterday’s good news, I intended to eat less than I have even in the previous two weeks. I was curious to know whether I could happily stop eating my meals once I got to neutral. The answer is an emphatic YES! I used to think that the purpose of a meal (or a snack, or a midnight snack or a post-workout meal) was to eat as much as possible until I literally couldn’t stand forcing down any other food! Before now I have, only very rarely, stopped eating when I was merely full. And when I did, I felt cheated. I felt as if I had sacrificed something! I was not satisfied with such meals. Now, I have learned, I can eat a really very small amount at one sitting and still feel entirely happy and satisfied (I am even satisfied when I am at neutral!) In fact, I can have an entire day of eating (relatively) very little and still be perfectly happy and not craving food at all.

I had a fairly active day, too. Which included a 20-minute run in the gym at 7.3 speed. Possibly because it had been so long since I had had breakfast, the last few minutes of the run felt quite difficult. But I kept going and was very happy that I had squeezed this cardio session in, even when I had a tight schedule. Again, I did some major relaxing in the studio afterwards. Again, it felt great to do it at that time.

I plan on running like this – for 20mins initially, before increasing the time, on as many days as I possibly can. I’m hoping it will supercharge my weightloss. Especially as I no longer have the mentality that I have to use copious amounts of food to help repair my damaged muscles after exercise!

Today (Wed) is going to be a long day without too much time for meals until evening. Let’s see how I cope with that and whether I get the compulsion to overeat to compensate. I already know the answer to that one – no!  I expect to cope swimmingly!


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