Eating Consciously – Day 14 – It Ain’t Over Till the Fat Boy’s Thin(ner)

Weight: 17 Stone 12 lbs/113.5kg

Loss: 7lbs in two weeks



1 medium sub roll&herbed olive oil

Small portion of olives

Very small portion of hummus

Few habas fritas

Small portion of fruit and nuts

Satiety Level: Pleasingly Satisfied

Pane bella con olio d'oliva!

Pane bella con olio d’oliva!


Large bowl of homemade vegetable&pasta soup

2 small bacon and tomato sandwiches

Satiety Level: Neutral

Modest post-workout meal

Modest post-workout meal


2-egg omlette

Medium portion avocado and cucumber salad

Medium portion fruit and nuts

Satiety Level: Pleasingly Satisfied

Modest dinner

Modest dinner


Before eating a single bite of food this morning, I had my latest meet with my weightloss counsellor at the surgery. I was brimming with good news and enthused effusively about Paul McKenna and his Four Golden Rules which, as I informed her, had changed my life completely. To be fair to her, his principles were all things she had touched on in our previous meetings, but I guess there is something about the packaging of the whole within a single book and the specific strategies Paul advises that really clicked with me and have served me brilliantly for two weeks and – I firmly believe – the rest of my life.

She was guardedly happy with my progress report… until crunch time came with the scales. I stepped, a little nervously, onto them and was delighted to see that there had, indeed, been significant (but still healthy) weightloss. A total of 7lbs in two weeks! My waistline, my food intake, my non-existent snacking had all told me that something like this was probable. But I haven’t done as much exercise as I’d have liked in the past two weeks and I was curious as to whether that would minimize my weightloss. What is encouraging is that, even without significant exercise, I have managed to lose a decent amount of fat. And it was, almost all, fat that I lost. And it was almost all visceral fat that I lost. And I had managed to retain muscle through the past two weeks too!

This was great news and my counsellor was very happy indeed.

I am next seeing her on Feb 25th. That gives me three weeks to burn off even more fat. At this rate, I wonder whether I could aim to lose 10.5lbs more fat by then? After all, with a bit more portion control (only eating each meal until neutral  – or pleasingly satisfied satiety at most) and a ramping up of exercise, I think that is very doable indeed.

On a high after seeing today’s figures, I was feeling super-motivated. And a hugely supportive phonecall from nearest and dearest did even more for my motivation! By the time I had breakfast, I was very hungry. But I sated that hunger with a very modest meal of bread and oil/olives/hummus/fruit. I felt light enough afterwards that, within three hours, I felt willing and able to hit the gym. I did a fairly intense legs and abs workout before jumping on the treadmill and running for 20minutes at a steady 7.2mph. I burned a decent wodge of calories in that time before heading to the studio (which was deserted, as it usually is.) There, I did several exercises from the Shaolin Workout book that I have. I had to stop before I completed the sequence I wanted to because I felt an unwelcome pull in a hamstring. But I dealt with that by lying down and totally relaxing/meditating for several minutes. It felt fantastic and is the perfect way to end a gym session, I think. I’ll do that every time from now on if possible.

Despite having such a varied and extended workout at the gym, I didn’t feel particularly hungry when I’d finished. So I popped to ASDA for the weekly shop before heading home. In the past, I have been unduly influenced by fitness and bodybuilding magazines to refuel very quickly after a workout. In the past, I would have busted a gut to get as much protein down me as I could, irrespective of hunger. That would, inevitably, leave me feeling heavy and bloated and sleepy. Instead, today I felt free to respond to my body’s hunger signals. So by the time I got home and had prepared my lunch, it was more than an hour after the end of my gym session. And, yes, it was a lunch containing protein. But not silly amounts. Just two rashers of bacon in a sandwich and a hearty bowl of veggie and pasta soup. Again, I was satisfied without having any kind of impulse to stuff my face or pile on the protein. In fact, I stopped eating when I felt neutral on the hunger scale. That is unheard-of for me post-workout! But I believe that it is this kind of modest eating, combined with exercise, that will help me to shed all that abundance of fat that I have, stupidly, accumulated through the years.

Dinner was also very modest – the eggs involved were easily outnumbered by the salad and fruit! But even they were no more than modest amounts! One of the keys for me is to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘free’ food that I can eat with impunity in copious amounts. Excessive consumption of fruits and veg is still excessive consumption. Which makes me wonder how sound the government/medical advice to eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day is! I mean, today I probably could say I had three to four portions in all. But I don’t really see how I could have eaten a fifth without overeating! So, for me at least, such guidelines could be counterproductive. I choose to listen to my body rather than an arbitrary guideline set by a medical establishment that has failed to halt the meteoric rise of obesity in this country!

Tomorrow, I am planning another cardio-and-possibly-Shaolin-but-possibly-chi-kung-if-my-muscles-protest-too-much session at the gym. I’m on a roll and I want to maintain this momentum. Actually, I want to increase the momentum. And having made the major changes already, it is now a question of tweaking those changes in small ways.

I have achieved a great deal in two weeks. (Mostly inside my head!) But it is very early days and I have a very long journey to still complete. But I am absolutely determined to do this. I spent most of my 20s and 30s as a fat man. By the time I am 40, I will be a fit, lean man. And that is how I intend to remain indefinitely!


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