Eating Consciously – Day 12 – Swimming is one of the greatest weapons in my war on fat. Eating Indian takeaway consciously is a doddle!




Medium portion of baguette

Various antipasti including small portions each of olives, sundried tomatoes, habas fritas, red pepper hummus and olive oil with herbs.

1.2 handwo (Indian savoury cake) pieces with sweet chilli sauce

1 small Cheddar, Philadelphia and tomato chutney/chilli jam sandwich

Small portion of roasted potatoes and caramelized onions with black truffle oil

Satiety Level: Pleasingly satisfied


Bread-fan! (A reference for connoisseurs of 70s Welsh proto-Metal band Budgie!)

Bread-fan! (A reference for connoisseurs of 70s Welsh proto-Metal band Budgie!)


2nd Feb 2013 Lunch Seconds



Medium portion of Vegetable Biryani

Small portion of Paneer Masala

Medium portion of King Prawn curry

Small portion of Bombay Potatoes

Medium portion of plain yoghurt with sugar

Medium portion of fruit and nuts (about a third of the bowl pictured)


Satiety Level: Pleasingly satisfied


Currying flavour!

Currying flavour!


King Prawn the Second!

King Prawn the Second!


Sweet fruit=natural fire extinguisher in the absence of water!

Sweet fruit=natural fire extinguisher in the absence of water!



Early start dealing with a couple of appointments and my determination to swim before lunch meant that breakfast was skipped. For the first time in two weeks. Don’t intend to make a habit of it. After all, some of the success I have had in following Paul McKenna’s Four Golden Rules is due to the regularity of my meals. In the past, the hugely erratic nature of my eating contributed to random acts of chocolate-and/or-crisps scoffage!

Had a shortish swim of around half an hour. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve swum, so my unused swimming muscles gave a minor protest, before settling back into a decent rhythm. Will try to swim more regularly this week. I’ll make it one of my goals. As I know from the past, when I was still eating totally unconsciously, swimming suits me perfectly and leads to almost-immediate changes in my body-shape! Combined with conscious eating and the walking/running/weights I am also doing, I should be able to expect an even speedier transformation!

I was very hungry after the swim, so lunch was much appreciated. But I kept myself well within limits.

But today’s revelation was that I can take having an Indian takeaway in my stride. (In pretty much the same way that, I discovered yesterday, I can eat sensibly and consciously when having a chip shop meal.)  Firstly, we ordered fewer dishes overall than we normally would. Secondly, we didn’t order any naan. Thirdly, I placed much smaller amounts of everything on my plate than I ever have before. And I didn’t have any poppadoms, samosas or bhajias, like I normally would. Again, today I ate about a third to a quarter of what I normally would when confronted with our favourite Indian takeaway! Which meant that my stomach was light, I was not so bloated that my insides hurt and, yet, I actually enjoyed the food more than I have in the past. I even managed to stick to the no-water-during-meals mini-rule! (Although the yoghurt was very necessary!)

Tomorrow will consist of mostly leftovers. There are sandwiches ready in the fridge and there is a significant amount of the takeaway also inhabiting the fridge. After this weekend splurge, I look forward to resuming some homemade nutrition of the soupy/salady sort come Monday.

But we also intend to swim, so the fate of Breakfast tomorrow hangs in the balance!


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