Eating Consciously – Day 10 – A day of no hunger!


1 rectangular crumpet

Small portion of fruit

1 cup of coffee

Satiety Level: Neutral

Is it so wrong to be physically and emotionally addicted to crumpets?!

Is it so wrong to be physically and emotionally addicted to crumpets?!




7 small dhoklas with sweet chilli sauce

Medium portion of homemade veggie pasta with sprinkling of cheese

Small portion of roasted potatoes and caramelized onions with a dash of black truffle oil

2.5 small segments of baguette with butter

1 scone with butter and strawberry/blueberry jam

Small portion of fruit and nuts

Satiety Level: Between pleasantly satisfied and full

Eclectic combo!

Eclectic combo!

Bread=bad. But moderation is key.

Bread=bad. But moderation is key.

Return to Sconey Island!

Return to Sconey Island!

Fruit'n'Nut. Not Cadbury's!

Fruit’n’Nut. Not Cadbury’s!


Amazingly, I felt even less hunger today than ever! After an early-ish, small-ish breakfast at 7.10am, I didn’t feel hungry around lunchtime. I debated whether to eat something anyway, but decided that I really wasn’t hungry at all and, therefore, had no reason at all to eat! In fact, by about 4pm, I still wasn’t at all hungry, so I decided to hit the gym to build up an appetite. I did a shortish cardio-and-chi kung session… and still didn’t feel even the slightest bit of hunger! I came home, cooked for over an hour till about 6.30pm. And that is when I began to feel quite a lot of hunger. It came on quite suddenly and, through circumstance, my dinner was delayed by around 10 minutes. But waiting for those 10 minutes was almost intolerable! I was definitely ravenous by the time I sat down, finally, to eat. But, I was easily able to prevent myself from stuffing myself! I ate a little more than I have been doing recently, but not excessively. And I still ended up a little short of full.

Tomorrow I have a small portion of leftover corn soup and, perhaps, a small portion of leftover pasta to look forward to for lunch. But, again, only if I am really, truly hungry.

NB The truffle oil was a teensy bit nauseating! I don’t think I put too much on the potatoes. At any rate, I’m not sure I understand what all the fuss is about! Or maybe my tastebuds are just Philistinic!


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