Excellent advice… again! Probably best not to meddle too much with Nature’s packaging.


To juice or not to juice – is that the question? Maybe. Let’s assume you’d like to give it a try. The better question then, is how can you juice to get the most benefit?

Juicing and smoothies are all the rage. Even though they aren’t exactly the same – juicing  removes the pulp while smoothies pulverize it – doing either one without a little thought first might actually do more harm than good.

Regardless of whether you’re juicing or making a smoothie, here are five common mistakes you should avoid.

Mistake #1. Not coupling juice with protein.

If you drink juice by itself, even if it’s all from vegetables, it’s classified as an isolated carbohydrate. What’s wrong with an isolated carb? Plenty. In the case of juicing, the fiber has been removed – the mushy pulp that you clean out of the contraption – which is not how nature…

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