Eating Consciously – Day 8 – Portions are controlling themselves!


2 Hard Boiled eggs. (I wanted them to be soft. I failed. Again.)

2 small toasts and butter

1 heart-shaped crumpet with butter and Manuka Honey. (My last one! Next, onto squares.)

Satiety Level: Between neutral and pleasingly satisfied

Total eggotism.

Total eggotism.


Large portion of veggie soba noodles

A few segments of persimmon (I only ate a few of those pictured.)

Satiety Level: Pleasingly satisfied

Stone Cold Soba... (actually, it was pretty warm!)

Soba, so good, what ? or Stone Cold Soba… (actually, it was pretty warm!)


Small Cheddar, tomato and Philadelphia sandwich

Medium bowl of homemade Chinese-style corn soup

1 homemade scone with Bertolli and strawberry jam

1 Persimmon

Satiety Level: Neutral

An a-maize-ingly small portion for me!

An a-maize-ingly small portion for me!

Sconey Island

Sconey Island


I naturally ate less today. I’m beginning to estimate really well how much food I can stomach. Some of the ancient Ayurvedic texts suggest that a fistful of food is as much as the body needs. (Your own fistful, not that of King Kong.)

Another great day of sensible eating without guilt and overindulgence. I’ve now dug out an old and rarely seen copy of Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin. I’ll allow it to digest for a day or two and then report my findings!


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