Eating Consciously – Day 6 – A day of dawn magic, catching up with friends and sensible gymning…


Large, heart-shaped crumpet, half-covered in Marmite, half-covered in Manuka Honey

Medium-sized portion of fruits and nuts (I only ate about half of the bowl pictured.)

Cup of coffee

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

I'm in love with crumpets

I’m in love with crumpets


2 Small puris

Small portion of vegetable rice

2 Small bhajias

Small portion of potato curry

Small portion of mixed bean curry

Small portion of salad

One mouthful of shrikhand (thick, yoghurty Indian dessert)

Satiety Level: Just short of Pleasantly satisfied

Variety is the spice of life

Variety is the spice of life


3 small samosas&green chutney

Medium portion of vegetable rice

Small portion of potato curry

Small portion of bhindi

Very small portion of channa

Half a mouthful of pancake (to check it was properly cooked for nearest and dearest) (it wasn’t.)

Satiety Level: Pleasantly satisfied

Looks much bigger than it was!

Looks much bigger than it was!


Excellent day. Started early with a distance spell in my back garden at approx. 4.30am, drawing down the energy of the full moon and sun. A truly magical – and slightly wet&windy – experience.

Finished the magic by around 5.30am, was rather peckish, so had an early breakfast before hitting the sack for a few hours.

Lunch was at a religious gathering (also coinciding with the full moon.) Good company, but was mostly silent and focused on eating consciously. Proved to myself that eating like this in social contexts is effortless. Also easy to resist going up for seconds and thirds and etc.

Hit the gym for some gentle(ish) leg’n’abs training, a 20-minute stop-start run and a decent bout of chi kung to finish off. Felt fantastic.

Dinner – straight after gym – was Mother’s leftovers from yesterday. Proved to myself that I’m no longer shackled to my previous mentality that I have to stuff as much protein and calories down my gob after a gym workout to ensure I don’t waste away to nothing! The modest post-workout meal was entirely satisfying and, I reckon, entirely sufficient for my muscle-building needs. (Considering I have no intention of entering Mr Olympia anytime soon!)

Tomorrow’s looking like more leftovers. At least for lunch. That’s fine by me. I might rustle up some corn soup and some Chinese noodles for us all for dinner. I’m finding that planning/having leftovers to fall back on is great as it avoids the need to grab ready meals, evil snacks etc.

Peace, Love&Light to you all…


2 comments on “Eating Consciously – Day 6 – A day of dawn magic, catching up with friends and sensible gymning…

  1. Thank you for liking my blog. And good luck, I have heard of the Paul McKenna Golden Rules and think they make sense. Happy Conscious eating 🙂

    • cheeriofatty says:

      Thanks for your encouragement! I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at how friendly and non-judgemental people are on here! I’m new to all this blogging malarkey, but am beginning to feel rather at home after only a few days and a few interactions!

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