Eating Consciously – Day 3

Weight: (21st Jan 2013) : 18.5 stones/116.9kg



Medium portion of vegetable rice

Medium portion of aloo gobi

2 rotis

Cup of coffee

Satiety level: Pleasantly satisfied


Day Three of conscious eating as inspired by Paul McKenna (and his Hypnotic Gastric Band book) and I’m feeling fantastic! Satisfied. Unbloated. Digestively serene. I eat – even with family – away from the TV (major seachange in life!), on the dining table. I am conscious of every mouthful of food. I savour every single mouthful of food. I chew each mouthful thoroughly – minimum of 20 times, but it can go up to 80-odd times. I eat only when I am pretty hungry. And I stop eating – even if I haven’t finished what’s on my plate – when I am pleasantly satisfied. I wouldn’t even describe my state as ‘full’. My portion size has taken a nosedive. My energy levels have soared. My motivation in life generally has been boosted. My efficiency and productivity have improved many-fold. And, even though I wasn’t exactly unhappy previously, I am unbelievably happy now! It is the biggest miracle in my eating habits ever! And the most miraculous thing about it is that it doesn’t – seemingly – require any willpower! And all this has happened within three days of buying the book on a whim in ASDA!

I fell asleep listening to the CD/hypnosis portion of the book, but I’m not really interested in that side of things and I haven’t needed it to transform my eating habits. Chocolates and crisps and all-and-sundry snacks and poor food choices (all of which, only three days ago, I was addicted to!) have completely fallen by the wayside without any effort at all! The only thing I need to do – and it is the easiest thing in the world to do it – is to follow McKenna’s Four Golden Rules (as alluded-to above):

1. When you are hungry, eat.

2. Eat what you want. Not what you think you should.

3. Whenever you eat, do it consciously.

4. When you think you are full, stop eating.

I have a meeting with my weightloss consultant at my GP’s surgery on Feb 4th. I so excited about reporting all this to her and seeing what effect it will all have on my body composition, fat levels, weight etc.



1/2 plate chicken&veggie noodles (homemade)

Medium portion of aloo saag peas (homemade)

Small portion of sweet potato curry on toast (homemade)

Satiety level: 1/2 way between pleasantly satisfied and full

24th Jan 2013 Dinner


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